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Philippine Consulate General-Toronto

Statement on the repatriation to the Philipines of the remains of the late Jocelyn Dulnuan


To set the record straight, the Philippine Consulate General in Toronto would like to state the following:

* The Consulate General has sufficient funds to bring home to the Philippines the remains of the late Jocelyn Dulnuan.

* From the time it learned of the untimely demise of Jocelyn Dulnuan, the Consulate General has been in touch with Police authorities concerning the case, including coordination for the repatriation of her remains to the Philippines .

* Arrangements for the repatriation of the remains of the late Jocelyn Dulnuan have been made, and will be implemented as soon as Police investigators have completed forensic examinations on the deceased (expected within two days) and turn over her remains to the designated funeral home in preparation for repatriation.

The Consulate General is issuing the foregoing statement to rectify misleading and incorrect statements and information which have been circulating.


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